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I offer a number of different professional critique services, all at great rates. You can have just a few chapters critiqued or your complete manuscript. And I also specialize in critiquing all the materials needed to submit your manuscript to agents or editors at publishing houses.

If you’d like to have a scene outline critiqued, I charge that by the hour. Email me to get my current rate. I highly recommend first-time authors start with an outline critique. Not only is it less costly than a full critique; it will help spot potential structural problems that you can address and fix before submitting your manuscript. (I also offer all editing services, from content editing to proofreading.)

I have a great template you can use to create your scene outline. While I don’t require it, I feel it will help a lot! If you choose instead to write a scene summary, aim for one paragraph a scene, and include the elements noted in the template. Aim for three scenes a page (single-spaced).

Here is the template.

Note: I accept manuscripts of all genres except erotica, and may decline a manuscript if it has excessive/gratuitous violence or profanity. If you feel your manuscript may fall into any of these categories, please contact me first to discuss.

Please note that all materials should be formatted correctly before submitting (see Formatting Requirements). I like to adjust for partially blank pages, so feel free to submit a few extra pages.

The flat fees are as follows:

(All rates are in US Dollars)

Special! First Fifty Pages Critique (double-spaced): $325

Manuscript Critique (double-spaced):

  • 1-199 pages: $7.00 per page
  • 200+ pages: $6.00 per page

Fiction Synopsis Critique* (single spaced, one page): $60 (Note: this includes reviewing up to 3 revisions)

Query Critique** (single spaced, one page): $30

Proposal Packet Critique for Fiction: (include your 1-page query letter**, 1-page synopsis, and first three chapters of your novel [double-spaced] in one document, totaling no more than sixty pages): $395

* Download this free article on how to write a professional fiction synopsis before you submit to me

** Download my free ebooklet on the right way to write a query letter before submitting