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A note to beginning fiction authors: 

If you have never had a professional critique and if this is your first novel, submit the first fifty pages only. See how much work you need to do to get the story structure sound, introduce the settings and characters correctly, set up the premise and protagonist’s core need.

Too often writers spend years of their life writing a novel when they do not have a compelling concept or a well-structured story. It makes little sense to pay hundreds of dollars to ultimately be told you really don’t have a story.

You’ll get hundreds of comments and suggestions regarding the weak aspects of your opening chapters, and using those comments, you can then rework—even restructure, if needed—the rest of your novel. You’ll be glad you did this first.

Phone or Zoom Consultation

If you feel like you need to chat about your story, what you’re struggling with, how to organize your material or develop your plot, book an appointment with me HERE. I love working with writers to get their creativity into practical order and help lay out next steps to make progress.


To order a service, fill out this form, click the “Submit and Proceed to Payment” button, and then you will be prompted to choose your service and make your payment. Be sure you read my formatting requirements and have your documents formatted correctly before submitting, thanks! Please, no erotica submissions. I will return them.

If you’re requesting a fiction critique, please send me a synopsis (rough is fine) so I have an overview of your entire plot (just paste it into the front of your chapters or email the synopsis to me directly at cslakin@gmail.com).

If you aren’t sure how to write one, click on the link below for a great article.

All prices are US Dollars:

  • Manuscript Critique (1-199 pages, double-spaced) – $10.00 per page
  • Manuscript Critique (200+ pages, double-spaced) – $8.00 per page
  • Fiction Synopsis Critique** (one page, single-spaced) – $100
  • Query Letter Critique* – $50
  • Proposal Packet Critique for Fiction (include your query letter,** synopsis, and first three chapters of your novel double-spaced—no more than sixty pages) – $600

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